What Is This Site All About?

I’ve learned the hard way how brutal life can be. I’ve been right to the bottom, and slowly fought my way back up.

This site is my way to help others do the same, to pull themselves up from the dirt, dust themselves off, and take control of their lives.

Inside are all the lessons I’ve learned in the last 10 years — methods for discovering your talents, finding your purpose, and reaching your dreams.

If you feel like there’s something missing, that you’re not truly living life — this site is for you.

How it All Started

For most of my life, I felt lost.

Seven years ago, I worked long hours in an empty office. Days and nights spent cleaning viruses and malware from computers. It was a boring and directionless existence, without purpose and without inspiration.

And it destroyed me.

Rather, my emptiness caused me to destroy myself.

I drank booze until I passed out every night. I wolfed down fast food until I was so disgusted by myself, I couldn’t even look at my face the mirror. And money hated me – debt collectors were banging down my door, and I couldn’t afford to pay them.

I pushed away everyone who had ever loved me. My friends and family gave up on me… not that I can blame them, I had all but given up on myself.

My life was quickly spiraling out of control.

But through it all, I knew there was more.

More than late nights in the office, falling asleep drunk, overdosing on anti-depressants, and broken-down relationships.

More to life. And more to me.

Have you ever felt like that? That there’s more to life?

Hold onto that feeling. If you follow it, I promise you’ll find your way.

Once I hit rock bottom, I knew I needed a way out. But where do you look when you need a new life?

The Turning Point

I kicked off my journey by reading a bunch of self-help books. But while they were filled with messages of hope and inspiration that reaffirmed my self-belief, they lacked the practical guidance to help me take the next steps.

So I put the books down and began to study people. And what I found probably won’t shock you.

Most people spend 80% of their time around work. And most people hate that work.

Most people choose jobs based on salary, social status, or the amount of vacation time. If you took away the paycheck, they wouldn’t work at all.

But, you know what upset me the most? These people saw no other way.

In their minds, work wasn’t meant to be fun. It was something to be endured, a means of acquiring money and nothing more.

I didn’t want a life like this.

I wanted to live big. I wanted a life of adventure. A life where I fulfilled my dreams.

So I started to watch people who were living that kind of life. People who jumped out of bed in the morning, eager to greet the coming day. People who craved life and sought out adventures that quenched their thirst to live.

What I discovered

1. They chose to do work that was meaningful to them. Work they could put their lives and hearts into, paycheck or not, and that would make a difference to something bigger than themselves.

2. They wanted to enjoy life and treat it as a journey for adventure, growth and exploration. They weren’t happy with being comfortable, with a predictable lifestyle, they wanted excitement and novelty.

3. They pushed themselves to perform at their very best, to pursue their craft to the highest standard and perform at their peak.

They weren’t always millionaires or Nobel prize winners. But they lived life on their terms.

Over time, I realised that a life like this wasn’t out of reach. So I worked hard and slowly began to find my way.

Life changed.

I got what I wanted and more. For the first time in my life, I felt worthy.

What happened?

1. I discovered I had a talent for helping businesses understand their customers better. I worked with many companies increasing their revenue, and I went from being broke to making over £25k a month.

2. My health and energy levels went through the roof. I felt proud of my daily achievements and slept peacefully each night.

3. I no longer felt like an outcast. I found other people who shared the same beliefs as me and we developed great relationships built on mutual respect and inspiration.

I had done what others told me was just a dream.

Finally, I knew what it meant to feel alive. I was no longer just getting by from day to day, I was living each moment to its fullest.

And Now?

Now I’m the go-to guy amongst friends and colleagues when they’re sick of their lives, when they are in search of something more meaningful.

80% of people who worked with me quit their jobs within three months.

Freedom is contagious.

For every person I helped, a number of people would race to get in touch with me. Before I knew it, I was talking at large dinner parties about my beliefs and methods for designing a better life.

People put their lives in my hands, and I pushed myself to help them to the best of my ability.

I travelled around the world, to work closely with people living at their peak and experts in human behavior. I uncovered patterns and frameworks that helped people discover their passion and purpose, and how to perform at their very best.

My Philosophy

Over the last decade I’ve helped hundreds of people from single mothers to owners of huge corporations break free and make a difference to the world.

I did all this, because I knew that if there were more people truly ALIVE, the world would be a better place.

Imagine that for a second. Imagine a world where everyone did the work they loved.

A world where people woke up in the morning inspired to go to work and came home feeling fulfilled about their achievements. A world where people’s talents were identified and developed rather than left to wither. A world where everyone pushed themselves to do something big.

We’re all destined for something big. We’re destined for something great. And most of us already know it.

We have a sense of some sort of talent, some sort of gift, something of genuine greatness that we can offer the world.

One of the biggest let downs in life is not to fulfill that greatness.

We don’t push for that.

We become complacent in our daily lives – because when you are lost and you’re not sure of your next step, it’s easier to be complacent than it is to push forward.

I want people to stop playing small. To stop being another cog in the machine.

Because – Life Is Magical.

And if you’re willing to pony up and put in the hard work, then you deserve the very best tools and advice to help you along the way.

What You’ll Find Here

After making such a drastic change in my own life, I feel the time is right to start helping you to do the same.
I want to share my very best work with you, all the discoveries I’ve made over the last decade. Practical advice so you can engineer life the way you want it to be.

When you sign up, I’ll send you a series of emails with stories and lessons from my life, and give you practical guidance and methods to adopt them into your own.

I’ll also personally reply to your questions and queries, I want to be there with you at every step.

Get Started

I want you to offer your gift, your talent, your capacity — so you can make yourself happier, and the world better. I want to give your life more vitality, more energy, more creativity, more aliveness. To give your life the meaning it’s been longing for.

Don’t get me wrong, this is going to take work, you’ve got to really want it. The motivation to succeed, to change, that has to come from within you — I can’t give you that. But, if you can muster up the gusto to push forward with me, I can promise you a life that’s worth living, and full of meaning.

I want this for you, let me know if you want it too?